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Prende La Hookah (Washington Heights, NY)

I was dating this guy for a few weeks, around week four he and his friends ended up crashing a girl’s night with me and my friends. Up until this point we had great times together, we were discussing not seeing other people and I thought we were both feeling each other. That night we went to several bars, even went dancing and after the dance party was over he invited me and my girlfriends and his friends back to his place. We all agreed we weren’t ready for the night to end so we went back to his place. The vibe was dope, everyone was laughing, sharing stories, my guy broke out the hookah and drinks and the night was making its way to being one of my top 5 nights of all time.

My girlfriend, Jenny was laughing so hard that she knocked over the hookah. You know those really hard laughs that make your whole body jolt, your legs and arms are wailing? Well that was the kind of laugh that knocked over the hookah. The hookah falls to the ground and the charcoal flies out onto the carpet, burning a deep hole in my guy’s carpet. Jenny dusts the coal ashes to uncover the hole, and suggest moving the couch over the hole to cover it. Chase (my guy) rushes to the sink to damp a paper towel, runs to the carpet starts scrubbing the carpet profusely as if carpet hairs are going to magically grow. The intensity in his carpet scrub has now silenced the room and we are all watching him furiously scrub. I’ve never seen him mad, I look towards his friends and they don’t know what to do. The vibe was officially killed. One of his friends says, “Dude calm down, your bugging over an Ikea rug.” We all broke out into laughter except for Chase.

Chase put the hookah away killed the music and basically opened the door for everyone to leave. I’ve never seen anyone kick people out without the use of words. For some odd reason, I excluded myself from his action and said goodbye to everyone and stayed with him. He said not one single word the rest of the time; I woke up the next morning said goodbye and left, and just like that it was over.

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