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Its been 14 weeks since the birth of Kingsley and I’ve been so impatient to get my body back. There are so many overwhelming things that go on post birth and women don’t talk enough about how hard it is to deal with your body.

After the birth of my first, Julian, I was just 23 years old so I bounced back in no time even after gaining a whopping 70 pounds (I know gross).

I’m 33 years old and gained around 50 pounds with Kingsley and the weight isn’t just shedding off like it did 10 years ago.

Friends and family for the most part say, “you look great.” That feels like a super generic saying that most people say to new moms. I started running around 6 weeks after birth and it hurt my back badly so I had to stop after two short weeks. I tried cutting carbs out and that just turned into me being hangry (hungry + angry) all the time.

We are programmed to think that the weight is just going to come right off. Like Victoria Secret models who pop kids out and hop on the run way wearing close to nothing days later.

The more I thought about my pre body and looked at old pictures the worst I felt about how I looked.

I went to Zara and the label on a pair of jeans read, “Mom fit.” I never thought I would be the mom to rock a pair of mom jeans but I tried them on and I felt good in them. I have some work to do on the mom pouch but all in due time.

I put my big girl panties on (literally) and my mom jeans and I’m embracing the extra.

Enjoy the snaps and shop the outfit at Zara!









Photos by Andrew Morales of Life in Reverie


  1. Congratulations on your new addition. I can totally relate with the struggle and the generic saying of you look great. Some even find it offended because to them you are “thin” already. It will definitely come off. Your baby is till young. I had our 3rd baby at 36 and now at 39 the struggle still continues. I will definitely look into mom jean. You honestly look great-this is not generic @bukkydare

    1. Thank for reading and for the encouragement, us women are tough cookies. I know we got this! Thanks again for the love. xoxo Dileiny

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