Dileiny’s Guide to Cheap Dont’s


One of the reasons I started blogging aside from the fact that I love to write is to help other women look fly on a budget.

I created these bullets to help me (and you) stay away from looking on the cheap.

How to look cheap:

  • Fake satin dresses (super shiny material #1 offender)
  • Cheap shoes in bright colors (insert drawn out eye roll)
  • Thin t-shirts with large statement words (two problems here #1 the extra thin t shirt, only thing separating you and public nudity is one thread count #2 the oversized statement words, we all want “Good Vibes” your t shirt spelling it out for me is already bringing you my side eye sooooo)
  • Spandex Leggings as pants (unless there is an oversized shirt or sweater over your crotch. This is not the desert you can skedaddle that camel right along)
  • Tacky costume jewelry (if there’s a possibility that Mr. T may have dabbled in your costume jewelry, its a no from me)
  • Wearing teeny dresses when you are not teeny (I’m not saying you have to be a super model to wear tight clothes but be tasteful whatever size you are)
  • Bold prints and loud colors (be mindful of material in order to pull either off. Spandex leopard print= No)
  • Faux leather- (If you have to ask yourself does it really look fake? The answer is YES!)

It is ridiculously easy to look great on a budget. There are so many bloggers and style magazines that offer budget styling tips and advice for great affordable style.

This dress cost me $35, yes it has a bold print but the material is key.

Enjoy the snaps and don’t forget you can shop my posts with the icons above.

Photos by Andrew Morales of Life in Reverie