Feel Good

Every once in a while I get to try out a product that isn’t fashion related. I am always on the go between children and  family, my social life and work so it was great to toss one of these Feel Good iced tea’s in my bag and drink it on the fly.

The tea is originally from Brazil making its way to the Tristate area. Although, the tea comes in six different flavors my favorite one is the Orange & Ginger tea. The teas are super light and refreshing and a whopping ZERO calories! Calories is something I’ve been paying close attention to since I had the baby, so it’s no wonder the pairing was a great match.

Here’s the best part, If you’d like to try the tea you can email Feel Good direct for a free bottle via alissa@drinkfeelgood.com.  The teas will be available for purchase this summer via Amazon.