Levi’s Tee & White Mules

I’ve been feeling like my mom lately the way I’ve been dressing, I clearly remember her in denim pencil skirts and mules back in the early 90’s. Fashion trends come full circle. It’s kind of cool to have looked up to my mom stylistically as a child and be able to mimic her as an adult.

I read somewhere that said fashion these days -there are no trends to throw away or to stop wearing, a person’s style is so much more accepted. We’re allowed to be individuals and dress how ever we feel and there’s hardly any judgement (I still judge tacky though.)

So nope, I’m not waiting until Easter to wear white shoes. I am really feeling the mules lately so easy to throw them on with practically anything and still look fresh.

Can we talk about the Levi’s Tee? The logo tee’s are back and you’ve probably seen all the bigger bloggers and celebs rocking the Gucci logo tee, yea I can’t afford that so I’m happy in my $20 Levis vintage tee.

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Happy Spring break peeps!  XOXO

Photos by Sofia Mieses