How to Make Money Blogging

When I first started taking blogging seriously and trying to figure out ways to make it a business it was pretty difficult to find solid answers. I haven’t left my full time job yet but aside from it being a hobby its become a lucrative side business for me.

I wanted to write an article that helps people understand the business of blogging and the different platforms and tools you can use to make some extra cash.

Blogging first started as a personal open diary on the internet. Once it became a way of marketing it has taken off for many as a full time business.

The questions I get a lot are, how & why did you start blogging? How do you make money? How much money do you make?

People who want to blog because of perks like free gifts, followers and money. Make sure you understand it’s a lot of work which doesn’t pay off when you first start.

So the answers to the questions you all want to know, How do I make money from blogging?

Branding/ Marketing Platforms

Think of these like a dating app, a  profile is made and you wait to be matched up with a brand and their latest campaigns. Once there is a match, you review the guidelines and either accept or decline the offer to be their influencer.

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is an automated program that involves a web advertiser and recruited webmasters. The webmasters (affiliate)  places the company’s advertisements on their individually owned websites. The advertisements or links are then tracked back to the affiliate and they receive a commission for sales or clicks of the ad.


A lot of my collaboration with brands and their agencies have come from them reaching out to me but I’ve also reached out to brands and have had success. Before collaborating you’ll need a media kit that references the work you’ve done, your site and social stats, along with your pricing structure and packages.

If no one has reached out to work with you don’t get down on yourself that just means they don’t know who you are yet. You can search brands online and find their contact info and shoot them an email about who you are and why they should work with you.

Forms of Collaborations/ Advertising

  • Article sponsorships
  • Product reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Modeling
  • Social ads

When Did You Start Making Money?

In the beginning, I looked at this as an internship I did a lot of the product reviews and collaboration for exchange of product. Once I felt confident enough to charge for my services and had a stable following of 10K I put a media kit together. It took me around 8 months to 1 year to receive my first check. Don’t get me wrong I don’t only do this for money, I LOVE this. I love to write and talk about products, style trends and my life. You must come into this loving what you do, even if its for free.

I’ve been blogging steadily for 2.5 years and I get work and brand collaborations at least 4-6 times a month. The  collaborations come in as low as $60 to $600 a project.

If you have any questions or would like a sample of my media kit feel free to reach out!

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