My Heritage and Style

 I feel so Cha-Cha Spanish girl in this outfit. Over the winter I partook in a panel in Miami to talk about the trends of Fashion and Blogging. One of the questions I was asked, “Does your heritage play any part in the way you style yourself?” My initial feeling was to say no it didn’t, if anything I try not to go for loud colors or over the top styles.

Realistically, my heritage has a ton to do with the way I dress. It’s the part of me that puts a twist to very classic outfits, that loves a red and coral lipstick, that doesn’t let me be a plain Jane, no matter how hard I try.

I grew up around bright lips and big hair, yellow dresses and funky pants. There was a time when I felt that most Spanish women dressed tacky and I didn’t identify with the style or wanted any part of it. The older I have gotten the more I embrace who I am and where I come from. I thought this dress was so playful and fun, it represents that fire-y side of me that is very Latin and colorful.

Shop the look below or above. Thanks for reading!