4 Simple Winter Style Tips For The Mom On The Go

4 Simple Winter Style Tips For The Mom On The Go

Being a mom is a hectic life; from juggling baby classes to working and cooking every day. Thinking about what you’re going to wear each day isn’t something you’ve got time for, but you don’t want to turn into a frumpy and outdated mom. Whether you’re a wannabe fashionista or a previous glamour queen you can totally take control of your style in a few simple steps. Follow these life-saving tips and strut your way to the daycare and still feel spectacular.


1. Hide With A Hat

You know that terrible feeling when you wake up from a rough, sleepless night. Your little angel has kept you awake in the early hours of the morning and you can barely open your eyes to look at the time as your alarm screeches. No matter how scruffy your hair is or how tired your eyes look, you can always look put together in a hat. Invest in a vast hat collection and your days of feeling dreary in the mornings are over.  Are there any moms out there who have the time to wash their hair every day? Definitely not! Sneak behind the brim of a hat as you take the kids to school and nobody will know the difference!

2. Trendy Boots

You need to think practically when it comes to your everyday footwear. Your day consists of running around after your wild little one and you’re no longer set out for a life in six inch stilettos. When it comes to footwear you need to opt for what makes you feel most comfortable. Brands such as Tamaris Shoes offer a wide range of stylish designs which will suit every type of mom out there. Boots are always a safe and comfortable option and will protect you from unpredictable weather too. Try on a few different designs in order to find your perfect fit!



3. Eye-Catching Coats

You might not have the brain power to put together a strong and sophisticated outfit each and every day, trust me even a fashion blogger like myself gets exhausted. Here’s a simple trick that will help you to get out of the house in a flash using minimal effort, purchase a leopard print, teddy bear or bright colored coat. Choose a coat that you can throw on over any outfit before you leave the house in the morning and still look chic. I’ve done this in a pair of sweatpants and have received a bunch of compliments.


4. Make Time For The Nail Salon

Make sure you’ve got the simple things sorted when it comes to your overall look. Treat yourself to a regular trip to the nail salon in order to avoid chipped nails and unkempt eyebrows. I go to the nail salon once every 3 weeks during my work lunch break, opt for a gel manicure for less trips.  As long as your basics are covered you’ll be looking good in anything you choose to wear.


You deserve to look and feel your best at all times, whether you’re a weary, worn-out mom or not. Take the opportunity to regain your confidence as you fulfil your mommy duties every single day. Not only will you look fabulous but you’ll feel unstoppable.


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