The Top 10 Essentials For A Cool Toddler Boy Wardrobe

The Top 10 Essentials For A Cool Toddler Boy Wardrobe

This article is geared towards parents of boys because well, that’s all I know! When I walk by the racks of little girl clothes at a department store I think to myself, most little girls clothes just aren’t cool. They’re full of glitter and bedazzling and you’d probably catch me in the boys department shopping for my daughter if I had one.

Anywhere we take Kingsley we get comments on how cool his outfits are. I’ve curated a list of the top 10 essentials to help your toddler feel and dress cool.

The Top 10 Essentials For A Cool Toddler Boy Wardrobe

1. Joggers

Joggers are a no brainer, they are comfy and effortlessly cool. We’ve stocked up on endless pairs from basic to print  including different fabrics.

2. Sneakers

Buying tiny sneakers are cool and budget friendly. We like to go with either classics like a pair of vans or a bright color huarache. Have fun with the style, they’ re kids after all.

3. Leather or Denim Jacket

Kingsley has both and its always the coolest layer of his outfit. We’ve put him in joggers and a tee added the jacket for the final touch of cool.

4. Hats

All kinds of hats! Baseball caps, beanies, fun hats. We’ve gotten Kinsgley so used to hats he loves wearing them.

5. Hoodies

From solid to ones with  print or graphics, hoodies are a staple in our toddlers closet.

6. Skinny Jeans

Some parents may not love the idea of skinny jeans for a toddler but if you find the right stretchy material they are pretty comfy and of course adorable.

7. Basic Tops

Short sleeve or long sleeve for the winter since we have so many print bottoms and funky shoes we keep his tops pretty basic and stocked with solids.

8. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are the epitome of cool, we have a Rolling Stone one and a Metallica one that get endless compliments.

9. Cardigans

Paired with a tee and skinny jeans the cardigan is so stinking cute like a little granpa baby, I love it!

10. Fun Outerwear

Puffers with prints or a bright color vest, have fun with their outerwear.


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