Why Gifting A Sweater This Season Is A Good Idea 

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Do you ever wonder why we gift sweaters? Gifting sweaters for Christmas used to be an unusual gift and it wasn’t until the cost of living started to sky rocket that a boom in sweater sales during the holidays happened. Because of the high cost of living people started to give more useful gifts.

Besides it keeping us warm a chunky knit is a closet staple, that’s why gifting one this season is a good idea! Especially with cold months, January and February, everyone needs a quality sweater.

A  high quality sweater is always on my shopping list and I rounded up all my favorites!


For the guys: 

Holiday Style Tip| If you are treating yourself to a sweater this year, one style tip that I got wind of last year and have continued is tucking my sweater in my jeans for a more polished look.

Photos Taken By Thaddeus Rombauer