Style Book

How My Subscription Works

Every season, a 20 page, easy-to-follow style guide, with a printable checklist (including bonus holiday and party style essentials) will be available for just $4.99

Once Subscribed

You’ll be directed to the seasonal style guide, which you can download and print, or save on your computer. For those on the go, you can download to your tablet or phone.

Each New Season

Each new season, the following style guide will be sent to your email.

Style Book Winter 2018

We’re going to conquer this winter– together and in style. Style Book Winter 2018 covers all of your winter essentials (including the holiday wardrobe and makeup must haves as a bonus!) in this easy to follow winter guide!

Style Book Spring 2019

Style Book Spring 2019 will be emailed on 2/15/2019 and will cover all of your spring essentials.