Toddlers & Skinny Jeans

When I had my son Julian (almost 9 years ago) I never thought that I could possibly love another child. Before him I didn’t even like children and for along time after him he was the only child that I loved. A little over two years ago, my nephew Jaxon came into my life and changed that. He made me appreciate the amazingness that are children, with his laughter, smile, warm hugs and curiosity about all that exists. Not only can he help turn my bad days into good ones but he is so freakin’ stylish!

I had to dedicate a post to one of my greatest loves and give some inspiration to all the parents out there with toddlers, it’s just the cutest thing ever when a toddler is fashion forward!

Enjoy the snaps!





Jaxon is wearing Hat by Supreme| Sneakers by Nike| Jeans by Paper Denim|


Men’s Fall Wear

This weather on the East Coast has been all over the place. I wake up and put on a sweater and jacket only to walk out of the office and am sweating from the heat and humidity. Some days feel like fall, others like dead of summer.

As promised, more Vinnie looks for this transition of seasons. I love this look! The burnt/washed hues of brown, red and orange scream Fall! The outfit alone is perfection in all its confusion. Check out my BFF in another fall transition outfit!

If you missed the first one Click Here.





Vinnie is wearing: Sweater by Banana Republic| Shorts by A&F| Socks by JCrew| Boots Red Wing by JCrew| Sunglasses by RayBan

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Outfit of the Day


I bought this yellow dress at H&M about 2 weeks ago, and when I tried it on I instantly loved it for the femininity and flirty-ness I felt in it. Within these two weeks I’ve worn it 3 times! #dontjudge

Although I wore it 3 times, all times looked so different. I wore it as a dress with booties which was a hit! The look was featured as Outfit of the Day by  Wear It Love It, which was super exciting. It was reposted several times throughout different social pages, and it even got its own illustration (below)!

The second time I wore it was for the shoot below as a date night outfit, and the 3rd time I wore it with black ripped jeans and black booties (no pic to show). Goes to show one piece has endless possibilities.





I’m Wearing Dress & Hat by H&M|Necklace by Banana Republic|Booties a Marshall’s Find| Bag by BCBG


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Dress by H&M

Ripped High-Rise Super Skinny Jeans


No Regrets

2015-09-19 12.20.05

When I was younger around early 20’s I used to want to make a statement with what I wore. I wore loud colors, and interesting pieces (to say the least), I really didn’t know what my style was or what I was trying to express with my outfit choices. After a few years of  wacky outfits, I found myself in my late 20’s looking back at pictures and saying, “WTF was I thinking?!”

That “WTF” moment was a turning point for me, stylistically. I never wanted to look back at myself and be embarrassed for what I wore, and it’s one of the guides I have given myself when shopping, will I look back at this and regret it? If I have the slightest inclining towards yes, I put it down. Don’t get me wrong it’s okay to follow trends, but I keep it clean, classic and chic (3 C’s).

The 3 C’s + No regret rule= Lifetime Style

With that said, my favorite go to outfit is a white tee and black jeans, you can wear any shoe you want, red lipstick is always a plus to add that hint of red to the classic black & white. I hope my styling formula helps you make wise decisions with your outfits!




2015-09-19 12.20.20

I’m wearing: Top click link below| Bottoms click link below| Sunglasses by Prada| Leather Jacket & Booties Marshall’s Finds

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Classic V-Neck Tee



Classic Skinny Jeans

These are the same Jeans in the picture but I ripped mine up

All About Downtown Street Fair, Jersey City


I was born in New York and lived there till around 10 years old. I moved to Hudson county and then to Bergen county and now I’m back to Hudson county. I considered myself a New Yorker for a good portion of my life until I realized I’ve spent majority of my adolescence and adulthood in New Jersey. I’ve always felt a stigma that came with being a “Jersey Girl” we’re not that smart, we like juice head goombahs, we talk funny and say things like,  “cawfee” instead of “coffee” and we’re just not as cool as New Yorkers.

I live in Downtown Jersey City and the sense of community there is top notch! I went to the All About Downtown Street Fair  this weekend and I regained perspective, I love being from New Jersey! We get all the perks, we have a beautiful skyline as our view, we have a feel of city/urban/suburban living all wrapped up in one. I can own a car and find parking with ease or I can jump on a train within walking distance. Did you know Jersey City just got Citibikes?! My living expenses aren’t astronomical and I get to enjoy community festivals and farmer’s markets a good portion of the year. For the record I don’t like juice heads or talk funny and consider myself smart & cultured #justsayin

I had such a nice time with my best friend at the fair, shopping from vintage vendors like Oh My Vintage, eating delish Empanadas & sippin’ Sangria from Stella’s Empanadas.

I’m definitely considering having my first pop up shop at this event next year!!  I started out in jeans and had to run home to change, it was too hot incase you notice the outfit change, below are the snaps from the fair.











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Embroidered Trapeze Top


Distressed Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans

Similar Bottom


Double-V Slip Dress

Slip Dress

Styled With The Left


I was invited to attend a business event launch by Xaymara Rodriguez during NYFW, her company Styled With The Left consists of a team of free thinking artistic professionals who specialize in style management and consulting services in fashion, beauty & photography. Throughout the gallery there were areas where mannequins were styled according to different seasons, and the stylistic works of Xaymara were neatly displayed like an art gallery around the room. Her style is a blend of thrifty finds and high end pieces, not so much celebrating trends but uniqueness which is a breath of fresh air.

Yosie Maldonado of Favors & More  was there to create the ambiance of art & sophistication, and she nailed it! Check out the snaps below from the dessert table décor, to the mannequin displays to the always fun photo booth!





Yosie & Xaymara

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Fall Night Out


This weekend was so productive, I rented a camera from Cinema Vision for the weekend to take crisper pictures for the site. I’m excited to share all the looks I put together with some of my new pieces for the fall. I found this navy, red & white top at Shop Forever and I thought it was so cute! It also reminded me of the Dominican Flag, so I thought this would be cool if I paired with a poem I wrote about my nationality. Who thinks like this when they shop? LOL!

I don’t wear heels a lot but I would wear this for a date night or even a girls night out, maybe I would add a bigger bag to sneak in my sneakers, hehe…

Here’s my outfit & poem, hope you guys enjoy!



American girl,

but her parents

come from an island

floating in the Caribbean.

Far away from the native lands

but the roots

have infiltrated the veins.

The mouth waters from the smell of

platano maduros.

Logic doesn’t matter,

the answer is in

the revelations of her sueños.

The intuition that guided

her abuela,

her mama

now her,

psychic at times.

Trained herself to be

calm & collected


shake her up

and the

Latin blood fizzles inside.



I’m Wearing: Top link below| Bottom American Eagle| Bag by BCBG|Sunglasses by Prada|Heels by Nine West from DSW| Lips by Nars Color Dragon Girl

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Stripe Knotted-Waist Blouse


Low-Rise Skinny Jeans

Similar Bottom

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My Best Friend Vinnie

2015-09-19 11.11.53

This is my best friend Vinnie, he’s the first person to introduce me to street wear back in 1997. Since we were teens he’s always dressed in classic pieces with a little street edge, definitely an inspiration to my style today. I asked him to put together some fall transition outfits for men, so this week and next I’ll be sharing some of Vinnie’s fall transition looks. He’s not on social media or the internet so if you want some Vinnie style inspiration, here’s the place he agreed to share.

2015-09-19 11.12.28-1

2015-09-19 11.12.30

2015-09-19 11.12.26

2015-09-19 11.13.20

2015-09-19 11.20.57-2

2015-09-19 11.13.29

Vinnie is wearing: Top by JCrew| Pants by Banana Republic| Sneakers by New Balance | Sunglasses by RayBan| Bracelets by David Yurman & JCrew| Hair styling cream by Sachajuan


My Valediction to Summer

As a fashion blogger I’m supposed to promote what I’m wearing for the Fall. I used to work retail and it felt like they were always rushing through the seasons, in October they’d be playing Christmas carols in the store. You guys can all rush through to the fall, I’ll be over here enjoying the last of it. I wrote this poem years ago, and wanted to share, the feeling still remains.

My Valediction to Summer.

Let me inhale the air that you give,

feed off the energy you transport,

watch the pulsating colors you share,

one more moment.

The wind is gradually picking up now,

nonchalantly pushes at my back,

earliest warning of your departure.

There is no weeping,

no pleading,

for you to stay.

Please go,

in peace,

the same manner in which you came.

I’ll remain patient.

And in anticipation of your return,

you will be missed,

dear Summer.



I’m wearing: Top link below| Bottom by Old Navy| Sunglasses by RayBan|Bag by Louis Vuitton| Sandals by Steve Madden

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Oversized Southwestern Print Tank


Distressed Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans

Similar Bottom

Tar-zhay Style

I’ve worn this dress a few times within the last few weeks, and every time I wear it, I get stopped “Where did you get that dress?!” I got it at Target! In the clearance section nonetheless (a whopping $12). Since it was a favorite for me this summer I figured I could also wear it as a transition outfit for the fall! Below is my summer to fall transition on my fav summer dress! You can do the same, pair a summer dress with booties, grab the denim jacket for a chillier night, Voila!


I’m wearing: Dress by Target/ Denim Jacket by The Gap/ Booties by Jessica Simpson

This look featured  in Target’s Awesome Shop