How To Pull Off This Summer’s Multicolored Trend


For a while now black has been the new black so it’s a breath of fresh air when multicolored clothes and accessories are everywhere you turn. I’ve seen it in skirts, bathing suits and accessories. It’s tough to come out of your comfort zone when your stuck in a neutral zone (i.e gray, black, white) an easy way to pull off this summer’s multicolored trend without going over the deep end or spending too much money on it is keeping the base of your outfit as basic as possible.

As long as you keep your outfit simple you’d be surprised how much fun you can have with multicolored accessories.

Effortless Beachwear For A Stylish Day At The Beach

It takes me a couple of minutes to prep for an effortless and stylish day at the beach. I remember the days of over packing cover ups, after wear, multiple pairs of shoes, bag of makeup, etc. just to try and look stylish on and off the beach. A day at the beach shouldn't look like ...

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Summer Fashion Trends You Won’t Want To Ignore

Summer has well and truly arrived. If you want to turn heads for all of the right reasons over the coming months, you need to make sure that you are up-to-date with the latest trends. And, there are certainly some trends worth getting excited about! So, let’s take a look at some of the main ...

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Ways To Make Your Love Of Fashion A Career

If you're on my blog chances are you love fashion. I'm always looking for different ways to take my passion for fashion to the next level. The first way is one that I am currently doing right now, start a blog! Ways To Make Your Love Of Fashion A Career Start A Blog If you really want to ...

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This Summers Polka Dot Dress Trend For Under $50

The classic polka dot print has made a comeback this year in a strong way. Everywhere you turn, from tops, bottoms, shoes, polka dots are everywhere! A super effortless trend to try this summer is the polka dot dress and I've curated a bunch that are all under 50 bucks! Add a pop of color ...

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2 Reasons Why A Two Piece Set Is A Must For The Woman On The Go

I'm always talking about the million and one things I have going on in my life and that most working women with families do. Its tough to try and look good when there's so much on your plate. A lot of us moms put ourselves last in order to do all of the things, which ...

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How To Travel To The Hamptons On A Budget

Lets be real, no one thinks, "budget" when you talk about The Hamptons. I have a job in Marketing and Todd is a Dean at a high school, we aren't exactly Hamptons material. Montauk is the most laid back of all The Hamptons, some may not even consider Montauk part of The Hamptons but it is,  ...

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Choosing Your Engagement Ring

It might have been the tradition for the man to go out and pick an engagement ring for his girlfriend, but in the age of Pinterest, ladies are getting far more involved in the choosing. This makes a lot of sense since most couples discuss getting married before one of them pops the question and ...

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How To Dress For A Day At The Office To A Night On The Town

Sometimes, you just don’t have time to go home for a shower and change before heading out in the evening after work. Commuting to and from work takes time and many people’s busy schedules don’t allow for the perfect 9-5 hours, so an impromptu invite to a bar for cocktails is welcomed, until you start ...

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