2019 Must Have Bathing Suit Trends| Scallop Details


There are so many things always trending, right? Well bear with me, I am covering yet another trend — this time — bathing suit trends.  One bathing suit trend I’m into right now is the scallop details on swim-wear. I’ve seen it pop up since last summer but now its everywhere! I finally decided to give it a try, since it’s been stalking me since — and I think it’s so cute! What is the scallop bathing suit trend anyway? The bathing suit trend is in the details of the curved edges of your suit. The reason I love it? It’s a subtle trend that feels really girly but edgy (I didn’t mean that pun but there you have it). I also think the one I’m wearing in this post is a great mom bathing suit. It covers up a lot but it’s still playful, fun and not at all frumpy.

4 New Ways To Style Your Favorite T-Shirt

So I'm probably not the only person who is obsessed with t-shirts, right? Ever since I started working from home I live in a t-shirt. My closet is stacked with at least 15 white t-shirts and about 10 gray ones. Everyone knows a t-shirt and a pair of jeans is the ultimate classic/cool outfit combination ...

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How To Wear Your Blazer Outside Of The Office This Summer

If you’re anything like me you have an entire section of your closet dedicated to blazers. In case you've forgotten, a blazer is way more versatile than just office and business wear. I own a good amount of blazers. I often find myself wearing them to social events and even walks around town with my ...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Jumpsuit

I'll be honest I wasn't big into jumpsuits until recently. I never thought a jumpsuit would do anything flattering to my body. I also thought they looked a little toddler-ish. My biggest turn off? The thought of myself going to the bathroom in a jumpsuit (I know you hear that ladies)... To my surprise, I've ...

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This Is All You Need For A Chic Memorial Day Weekend Outfit

Oh my god, are we really talking about Memorial Day Weekend already?! I'm jumping out of my seat thinking of summer days (no -- I'm really not but I am excited, lol). Although we're ready to break out the bathing suits, and the summer wear, calm down... *Puts bathing suit pack in the drawer.* Since ...

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This Is Why You Need To Try The Button Front Trend This Spring

You may have begun to see the button front trend last spring/summer. Although it isn't new, it's still a trend that is very much alive this spring. So what is the button front trend? It's a vintage-inspired detail, the front of a dress has buttons all the way down or your top has wood-type buttons ...

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How To Wear The Puff Sleeve Trend Without Looking Ridiculous

You're all like, "She's cray if she thinks I'm wearing the ridiculous puff sleeve trend!" Listen Linda, it's not that hard to pull off! You'll feel so feminine, edgy and on trend. There's something about those big sleeves that makes me feel a tad more confident than usual-- is that weird? The trend is definitely ...

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The Mule Is The Perfect Spring Shoe For The Woman On The Go

Okay, so I lied maybe the sneaker is the perfect shoe for the woman on the go. But chances are if you're a busy woman you're also a working woman-- and you can't show up to your business meeting rocking a pair of sneakers. Why is the mule perfect for us women on the go? ...

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How To Add Edge To Your White Blazer This Spring

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you should have at least a black and white blazer in your closet-- you should know that already... *runs to the mall to buy staple blazers*  A blazer is my savior when I don't know what to wear, yes-- even I have those moments. Johnathan ...

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