4 Easy Holiday Gift Ideas for Him


The holidays are quickly approaching girls, and I don’t know about you, but the men in my life are usually at the bottom of my list. Why is that? I always find the guys are the easiest to shop for, so it’s no sweat off my back. I wanted to share the 4 gift ideas I usually fall back on to gift all of the men in my life.

Are You Insecure About Your Teeth?

If there’s one thing that I immediately notice on someone’s face, it’s their smile and teeth. It’s probably because I was so insecure about my teeth my whole life that I always compared my teeth to everyone else’s. I had two buck front teeth (still do), a slight overbite and some crowding on the bottom. ...

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Yes, You Can Wear Sequins in the Day!

I get it because I used to think the same, that sequins are so glamorous and sparkly you can only do it justice by wearing it at night to some dress up event like a New Year's Eve party or a wedding. But what if I told you, yes you could wear sequins in the ...

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Gift Solutions for The Woman with A Busy Lifestyle

We all know that woman who does too much, whose clock is always ticking and is always on the go. I know for sure that I'm that woman, so who better to tell you what we need than me? And if you are that woman with a busy lifestyle, then go ahead and treat yo'self! ...

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The Most Obvious Gift For Her

Sometimes, we over complicate things, especially when it comes to “gifts for her.” Getting gifts  for your mom, sister, girlfriend, co-worker, it can be overwhelming—but it's really not as complicated as it seems. What do all women wear year-round? Handbags! Adding one more accessory to a woman’s collection is always a good idea, and a ...

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How to Achieve a Holiday Makeup Look in Under 5 Minutes

It would be nice to have an abundance of time to do your makeup for the holiday party, right?! But let’s be real! Normally, we are hustling to the office holiday party, well, right from the office. Here are the “can’t-live-without” holiday makeup essentials to help you achieve a holiday look in under 5 minutes. Red ...

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Style Tips You Need to Know for the Office Holiday Party

Office holiday parties are a great time to let loose around the people you spend most of your days with. But let's be real… beside your behavior the other thing you can’t let loose on?  Your attire.I know you want to wear that super cute mini-skirt or that deep V black dress, just don’t. I've ...

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The Best Cyber Monday Deals Right Here

You know my goal with my articles is to always help you guys out. Whether it's with on-the-go style tips, or where to purchase the latest trends, I also LOVE to give you access to saving money. As a style blogger, I get to hear about all the sales before they launch, and I'm going ...

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Great Holiday Gifts For The Traveler In Your life

I've curated great holiday gifts for the traveler in your life because everyone's got that person in their life that travels plenty, whether for leisure or business. My sister, for example, is constantly juggling between the East and West coast for her job at Facebook. Then there are my friends with families out of state ...

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