It’s Been 2 Years Since I Quit MY Job Here’s Some Things Not Everyone Gets to See

It’s my 2 year, “I quit my job” anniversary. Thank you to those who have supported me through all my blog and business ideas, I finally found something that stuck, lol! I’m blessed to be able to wake up and do what I love daily but it’s never easy. Here are some things I’ve learned on this 2-year journey that not everyone gets to see.

The work never stops

Have I taken a real day off since I became my own boss? Nope. Even when I’m “off” I have my phone, which means — I still check and respond to emails. I’m looking for inspiration for the next t-shirt, looking at numbers i.e. my blog traffic, sales for my clients, follower counts on 5 different platforms. The numbers help me analyze what I’m going to write about next, what my audience likes and doesn’t like. My mind never stops thinking about the next project. At times, I miss working 9-5 because at 5 pm I was out the door, I didn’t think about work, I focused on my life, not my work-life.

It’s not about the money

The first month I was on my own, I chased the money. I woke up every night in sweats thinking about money, would I get a new project? How will I pay my bills if I don’t have work coming in? Somewhere between then and now I stopped worrying. I started chasing the passion for putting together a great article for my clients and readers. I started loving my freedom. The freedom of not knowing what’s around the corner, what job is next, what brand or press is going to feature me, little ol’ me — it’s all so thrilling.

Sometimes the people close to you don’t share in your happiness

I have very close family members and friends that always support me, my mom and my friend Michelle are my biggest fans. If you know someone who has their own business, supporting them doesn’t always mean financially. It cost $0.00 to share their business with your network, or send them a message to say how proud you are, or re-post their content, or leave a comment on their posts. Thank you to those of you who have supported me one way or another.

Then there’s my husband, he supports me by handling Kingsley when I have to run out on a shoot or by holding down the house when I’m swamped with work. Has my work caused somewhat of a divide between us? I’d say so. I’m sure he’s happy for me but there’s a tension that doesn’t leave us since I went on my own, as if I have chosen my work over him. I often wonder, is this the case with entrepreneurs? Must one choose work over love? My brother, sister, and dad — not sure they’ve ever read my blog. If they did, I wouldn’t know. As much success as I’ve had it’s not truly shared with those who are in my everyday life.

Gratitude is second nature

No matter what, I’m thankful every day — showing gratitude has become second nature. I love my life — even with the ups and downs throughout this journey. There are struggles with running your own business and it’s not one I show often but I’m always thankful. The journey to your dreams is a lonely road but I don’t regret one second of my decision to quit. Happy 2nd year anniversary to me!

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Post Photos taken by Jonathan Paul

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