Try Dressing Up a Graphic Tee For Your Next Outfit! 

Let this be your sign to try dressing up a graphic tee for your next outfit! I love a good graphic tee and ever since last summer I've been obsessed with cut-off muscle tanks. In my latest design and collaboration, I designed exactly that -- a muscle tank graphic tee! Shop my latest graphic tees This tank ...

2019 Must Have Bathing Suit Trends| Scallop Details

There are so many things always trending, right? Well bear with me, I am covering yet another trend — this time — bathing suit trends.  One bathing suit trend I’m into right now is the scallop details on swim-wear. I’ve seen it pop up since last summer but now its everywhere! I finally decided to give it a try, since it’s been stalking me since — and I think it’s so cute! What is the scallop bathing suit trend anyway? The bathing suit trend is in the details of the curved edges of your suit. The reason I love it? It’s a subtle trend that feels really girly but edgy (I didn’t mean that pun but there you have it). I also think the one I’m wearing in this post is a great mom bathing suit. It covers up a lot but it’s still playful, fun and not at all frumpy.