Style Tips

Yes, You Can Wear Sequins in the Day!

I get it because I used to think the same, that sequins are so glamorous and sparkly you can only do it justice by wearing it at night to some dress up event like a New Year's Eve party or a wedding. But what if I told you, yes you could wear sequins in the ...

The Best Weekend Wear For Your Holiday Errands

Guys, I am already busy AF for the holidays. I’ve seen some women literally leave their house in their holiday PJs and I’m thinking, damn I feel you. With all the things we have going on with the holidays…then add working, kids, grocery list, you get the point- the last thing we want to think ...

This Falls Houndstooth Trend for Under $50

I’m definitely a denim girl…it’s rare to catch me in anything else. But I do like to push myself outside of jeans. (I am a fashion blogger after all, lol.) I want you to push yourself too!

But why Dileiny, I don’t want to! I want to sit in my same jeans and t-shirt forevaaaa (insert Cardi B gif)!