How To Wear A Graphic T-shirt When You’re Over 30

Sometimes when I come across graphic tees they tend to be in the juniors section of the department store and I cant help but most of the time associate these with the much younger crowd. I like graphic tees but I don’t want to be associated with not dressing age appropriate. This post is to give some pointers on how to wear your favorite band t-shirt or even your favorite Disney character without looking like a teenage fan.

Add A Blazer 

This one is a no brainer, if you want to adult any outfit always throw on a blazer.

Tuck The T-shirt 

Tucking in the t-shirt makes the graphic tee look cleaner and mature.

Pair with Adult Shoes 

Adult shoes are shoes you don’t see on juniors lol. Loafers are a good example of that or mule slides or even lux/ high end sneakers. If you opt in for a pair converse then the outfit will have a more junior feel to it.

Pair With Below The Knee Skirt  

A long skirt is going to give the t-shirt a more classic feminine feel which is always more mature than a pair if ripped jeans.


How would you adult a graphic tee? Sound off below!

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Photos by Andrew Morales